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About hacking: nothing personal

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Quite often our clients take the act of their website getting hacked personally, or as intentional actions of malicious competitors, former disaffected partners, etc. In other words, they bring their own daemons into the spotlight. But actually things are often much simpler. There are people (hackers) who write automated programs (bots) and try to hack websites with them by exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities in content management systems (CMS), web server configurations and web browsers. They inject code which could potentially infect your website visitors, thus they expand their network of infected computers (botnet). Large botnets could reach millions of infected computers, which become their “zombies” and could be used for malicious purposes – for example: flooding websites with traffic until servers can no longer function normally (distrubuted denial of service / DDoS attacks) hacking passwords modifying system or security features and attempts to steal sensitive information Hackers with large botnets can monetize them by…

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