An online museum about Bulgarians abroad, mainly in the USA. It’s a project developed and supported by the American Research Center in Bulgaria, Inc. (ARCB) and the American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS). The main goal of the project is to collect and preserve the various life stories of the Bulgarian immigrant community in North America.

  • Impressive, user-friendly, artistic and functional responsive (mobile friendly) design
  • Bilingual
  • Members subscription option (paying online through PayPal) for access to the full site content
  • Story submission form – every member can contribute his / her story to the library but submitting it
  • Contact form
  • Easily manageable CMS

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP / WordPress

“The virtual museum of the Bulgarians in North America” ( have been excellent. During the process of the creation of the website our communication was very intensive and JT Design team responses were prompt and very helpful. They have demonstrated excellent expertise in website building and design. Due to their efforts the website design presents the main idea of the online museum in a very artistic and original manner. In the process of the creation of the website’s outlook, the team of JT Design has demonstrated proactivity and creativity. Their ability to design the main layout of the site with Photoshop was not only meeting the expectations of our team but continuously have been impressing the public during presentations of the website and promotions in the social media. JT Design team has participated in all stages of the website realization and since I didn’t have any experience with website creation when we first started our work, they have been able to give me clear directions and his assistance helped me not only to build the site for a short period but additionally to achieve quality and professionalism. JT Design team suggestions for the menus of the site, for the display of the content have been really helpful and have assisted me to implement the main ideas of the initial website project. They have been not only helpful with the technical work and guidance but their ideas of the presentation and organization of the content have demonstrated their flexibility, intelligence and ability to guide an extremely complex process such as the creation of a virtual museum.
In conclusion, the virtual of the Bulgarian immigration to North America looks not only impressive but it is user-friendly and this success is mainly due to the efforts and assistance of JT Design team. I would be happy to recommend their work and the services of JT Design not only to Bulgarian and American potential customers but elsewhere.”