7 “whys” successful brands have a professionally designed website

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Be a professionalist, make a good first online impression

Present yourself as a professionalist in your scope of work and impress your audience with great online brand identity and presence. Having a well-designed and well-organized website will enhance the credibility of your business. Be there and welcome your customers with plain, explicit and structured content in order to keep them engaged and to encourage them to explore your website and learn about who you are and what you do. Create an impressive web design and make your user experience (UX) a pleasure. 

Nowadays business is much more online than ever

If you hesitate about your online presence, there are solid reasons about having a website that can make a big difference for your business. The advantage of a business with worldwide visibility: having a website will help you reach a wide audience, no matter where they are or what time of day it is. The internet is online 24/7 and so is your website. Nowadays people first research online before actually visiting the location or making the decision to buy. Be visible, be open for your loyal clients and your potential customers. People’s trust in companies with professionally built websites is much higher – be one of these companies.

People could easily reach you from their mobile phones or tablets

Research on mobile website usability shows that a mobile-optimized website significantly increases the positive impression and satisfaction of users when exploring it. Making your website mobile-friendly allows your visitors to immediately engage with mobile-specific features such as click-to-call, map navigation functions, quickly exploring of your web content. A mobile website provides improved rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo, and also allows presence in a growing number of mobile and local directories.

Get information on the behaviour of your audience 

You will get easy access to information about users’ behaviour on your website. What are they interested in? How much time do they spend on your website? Which are the most popular articles / pages? What attracts their attention the most? This information could help you to realize better your audience needs and improve your web information or services – a simple way to strengthen relationships with your customers. Start collecting data from your website with Google analytics.

Get feedback

Whether it’s an email contact form, a live chat module or a phone number the user can tap and call directly from his phone, you will make it as easy as it gets for people to reach you. You will keep in touch with them all the time. When you answer their questions or resolve their problems you become a reliable and preferred partner.

Your website could be a part of your global marketing strategy

Your website is one of your essential and significant weapons for your marketing strategy because it is the primary customer source of information about your business. The website enhances exposure to more people inside and outside of your current area of focus. Concentrate the website development on highlighting the key messages and strengths of your company. Focus on the information you want to share with your current and potential clients in order to make them familiar with your products or services. Provide some knowledge of what you do, how it works and why it is valuable. Using this strategy helps you become a popular and trustworthy business.

Affordable “sales agent”

Once you have a well-designed and structured website, you should just keep it updated with new information about your business. You can easily manage, update and change the information on your website by yourself. Your compulsory expenses are only for paying the hosting and domain name subscription annually, the prices of which depend on the hosting provider. In addition, you may need someone to save you time and maintain the good technical condition of your website and take care for all updates and new features per annum.

Our belief are that the website is the most important element for making a great first online impression for your brand. If you want to get a professionally structured and well-designed online presence, ask us and we will provide you with creative, functional, user-friendly and responsive website that will make your clients feel comfortable to go through it.